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Modern romantics want a soul mate, Ansari explains, that special person who completes us emotionally, intellectually, and sexually.

A soul mate is the “perfect person” who one can “truly, deeply love.” Soul mates have an instant, deep connection: “passionate, or boiling from the get-go.” If things are not passionate from the beginning, “commitment seems premature.” The soul mate model promises levels of fulfillment that previous generations did not expect in a partner.

It will also help you master your emotions instead of simply reacting when the love of your life pushes your buttons (which soul mates are known to do! Dealing with emotions effectively doesn’t mean repressing them or feeling them less.

It’s about finding balance, strengthening your vulnerable areas, and maximizing your assets.

Intellectuals are bright, articulate, incisive analysts who are most comfortable in their mind.

PERSONALITY: An even-tempered, family-oriented homebody who checks the date book before doing anything.

And that, to me, is a great pace by which two people can socialize and become familiar and see if there's a ground upon which they can meet and dance and caper about and ultimately love each other.

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Stand-up comic and television actor Aziz Ansari is one such modern romantic.That van needs tires and brake pads and paint and software upgrades and wiper-blade replacements. Are you searching for a soul mate or unconditional love?Your quest can set you on an impossible journey to find an ideal partner.The problem is twofold: Neither we, nor any relationship, can ever achieve perfection, and often unconditional and conditional love are confused.Unconditional love is more a state of receptivity and allowing, which arises from our own “basic goodness,” says Trungpa Rimpoche.


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