After updating firmware my dvdrw has no drivers

However, the motherboard BIOS is just one type of firmware (software in a chip) which needs to be upgraded periodically.With the widespread popularity of rewriteable CD and DVD drives, firmware upgrades for these drives are also becoming an important tool for improving their performance and stability.For some reason, my computer stopped reading DVDs in the drive. I checked the hardware properties and somehow Windows has decided to install a CDROM driver to the device, which is why I believe DVDs are no longer being read.I've tried going through and uninstalling the driver and getting rid of the registry keys assosicated in order for the correct driver to be installed, but Windows keeps installing incorrect ones.Homebuilt PC's don't have that option however it was working fine in Windows 7 and if Windows 10 don't have the correct drivers for a Sony DVD-RW then it really sucks. You'd look for drivers at the motherboard manufacturer's site.Unfortunately, it looks like support for the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H-E stopped at Windows 7.Utilisez les instructions de dépannage ci-dessous si votre lecteur CD, DVD ou Blu-ray ne s’affiche pas dans l’Explorateur de fichiers ou Ce PC (Explorateur Windows dans Microsoft Windows 7 et les précédentes versions de Microsoft Windows) et si le lecteur est marqué d’un point d’exclamation jaune dans le Gestionnaire de périphériques.Dans le Gestionnaire de périphériques, vous pouvez également noter que l’une des erreurs suivantes est répertoriée dans la zone d’état du périphérique sous l’onglet Propriétés.

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He installed the upgrade, which solved the problem and enabled the drive to write at top speed to azo blue/silver, green-gold, and other types of CD-R media.Pour afficher le Gestionnaire de périphériques : appuyez sur la touche Windows R pour ouvrir la boîte de dialogue Exécuter.Saisissez dans la boîte de dialogue Exécuter, puis appuyez sur Entrée pour afficher le Gestionnaire de périphériques.That would get you past the issues that may follow from an upgarde installation not going quite right.It's a pain because you'd have to manually re-install all programs and settings.Updating a recorders firmware resolves the majority of common writing problems.


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