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Everyone knows, for instance, that computers are great at listing receivables. In computer software, an action is transparent if it takes place without any visible effect.Therefore, to fund new development, IT managers need to find ways to reduce the cost of supporting existing systems.Fortunately, for many firms, there is a large opportunity for cost savings: reducing the number of data centers in the organization.This Research Byte is a summary of our full report, .Many organizations have multiple data centers, even though a smaller number of data centers would be sufficient.This situation may be the result of one or more corporate acquisitions that bring new data centers into the network.Because those data centers support the target company's systems and processes, it is often easier to leave them operational.

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An innovative software solution for the complex problem of lubrication, LUBE-IT lowers operating costs, improves facility uptime and drives up profits by eliminating the cause of 50% of all industrial equipment failures, improper or outdated lubrication practices.

LUBE-IT has the depth of detail needed to maximize the reliability of each machine in the plant.

Transparency is usually considered to be a good characteristic of a system because it shields the user from the system's complexity.

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