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It’s the difference between revenue-less Instagram and The New York Times.

It’s why investors get excited about “Yo” but worry about Apple.

's cover featured an up-and-coming Kentucky-born actress named Jennifer Lawrence, "on the cusp," we wrote, "of being mega-famous." Well, "mega-famous" doesn't even begin to describe it: Since then, Lawrence has starred in blockbusters, won an Oscar, and launched a thousand GIFs with her self-deprecating pizza gags and red-carpet pratfalls. I still have that feeling from being a teenager: "I'm good at this, and I like this." So I want to keep doing it, because it makes me feel good about myself. I loved her—she was like Gloria Steinem with a mop! Everybody has this idea: You have children, and your entire life is complete. I imagine I'll have children and then my whole life will just seem complete. [.]JL: But you can have children and love them with all your heart and soul, and love your family, and it's still OK to have a fire in you. CL: There's a great moment at the beginning of the film when Joy's grandmother tells her she can grow up to [achieve] her dreams. I grew up in Kentucky, so nobody was like, "You're gonna be a movie star." [.] There just wasn't a possibility.

She's also pulled off a hugely difficult Hollywood feat: being both immensely likeable and seriously ballsy, taking stands on issues like fair pay for women. I still felt entitled to a certain life that I just wasn't allowed to have [anymore]. That doesn't have anything to do with your family. I'm curious: Did you have that early family encouragement—people around you who told you, "Yes, this is what we want from you"? And then, when I told my parents when I was 14 that I wanted to move to New York and become an actress, they were like, "Well, no.

You can try to pretend that the suffering and pain and bad memories don’t exist, but it’s only so long before it all comes crashing down on your head and you admit you were lying to yourself. After emergency room trips, blown record deals, and broken relationships with his family, he had to find a different way to live.” is an impossibly hard question to answer solely with product metrics.Particularly compared to, “How many people clicked sign up? How deeply a problem is understood and how concretely it is defined sets an upper bound for the quality of any subsequent solutions.Whether you’re looking for a booty call, a hookup, a casual date, or a friends-with-benefits situation, these dating apps are ideal for no-strings-attached romance.Sometimes, you just want to have a good time, without things getting too serious.In this interview with (see the full story on newsstands today, or download the digital edition here), she weighs in on everything from her style ("slutty power lesbian") to her outrage at the recent assaults on Planned Parenthood ("it's an attack on women"). I wouldn't buy things from the concession stand.


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