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have taken to Kickstarter to fund the rest of horror-inspired light-show's development.

She has since performed Let's Plays of old DOS box games, indie games, and games published by Nintendo and their affiliates -- including the entire Kings Quest and Quest for Glory series.

She frequently hams it up in her videos, and tends to swear and make off-color jokes.

She's also undeterred by failure, and is fond of co-opping games with various other You Tube Let's Players.

After participating in two of The Runaway Guys' filler tournaments, she joined them as a full guest for their LPs of In addition to the above, she has a sporadic series called "WHAT THE EFF?

FRIDAY", updated on Fridays and comprising very eclectic (and usually one-off) playthroughs of games sent/recommended to her by fans.


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