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With the quints hitting the 'terrible twos' the Busbys are busier than ever!

Jazz and her parents attend the Pride parade and meet a survivor of the Pulse shooting.

Aly & Josh pray that their birth mom will change her mind. Three Americans who feel they have met their potential soulmates online prepare to travel internationally to meet them in person for the first time.

Brooke takes steps to return to pro wrestling after Weston quits his job. They will put everything on the line for love, hoping their trips will lead to an engagement.

Aly & Josh uproot their lives to grow their family.

Doug & Mars are still volatile even though their baby is now 2.

Jazz has been in the spotlight since 2007, when at age 6, she did an interview with Barbara Walters discussing her gender identity.

She did follow-up interviews, launched a foundation, and co-wrote a book, also called I Am Jazz.

The quints' turning 2 also means it's time for their first trip to the dentist. Meanwhile, the sisters surprise their Dad for his birthday, and a transgender client gets a life-changing hair transformation.On average, pipebowl mean dates are within seven years of mean dates established by other factors.This method regularly outperforms established pipestem-based mean-date measures.She has also posted videos about her life on You Tube.I Am Jazz focuses on the "Jennings" family (the surname "Jennings" is a pseudonym, and any reference to the family's exact location is obscured) and their day-to-day lives.Determining the pipebowl mean date involves identifying the shape of each bowl, counting the number of examples of each morphological type, and then completing a series of simple arithmetic calculations.


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