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Uns ist wichtig, diese mglichst schnell zu sichten und freizuschalten.

Things got a little awkward during Emma Watson's most recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Let’s start a new movement: Let all the little girls wearing princesses dresses do all the celebrity interviews from now on. Emma — who spoke so eloquently about her role as Belle in the new live-action movie, while also looking like 🔥 — was chatting with Access Hollywood when she was rushed by a lil’ Belle.

Don’t worry, this was all planned out, but the girl appears out of nowhere and takes Emma by surprise. You know how kids get when exciting stuff happens around them.

(Or rather, she already “stopped by” but they are airing it today, so let's pretend.) Everything that tumbles forth from Emma's mouth is generally a shiny pearl of delight, but I really like this clip wherein Ellen asks Emma the difference between English guys and Americans. “They dress really well and they are very well mannered. Usually in the whole courting situation, I‘m used to being first of all, ignored for the first two months of the ritual. Emma Watson should get everything she wants all the time. American guys, on the other hand, say things like “I like you, you're great, let's go out on a date, let's do it,” but they wear flip flops. Personally, I would like to know where all these straightforward date-loving guys are hiding, because her description of English guys seems to apply just as much to the guys I know in New York, only they are probably also having sex with you during the time period she described.

“English guys are very well put together,” she says. And then, maybe we’ll you know whatever.” “You know whatever” being code for sexytimes, I suppose.

Shortly after delivering a moving speech at the UN against sexual assault on college campuses, the actress and activists released a video called "Hurdles," which she made with The Global Goals organization.

I only date artisanal cheese crafters and guys in bands.) She also name checks a skit Ellen did with David Beckham as one of her favorites, and what Emma Watson likes, I like, so I had to look it up.

But as of today, she’s also known as just another gal who likes sex.

Die Insulaner hatten es zuvor ber alle sozialen Kanle bei der Schauspielerin und Frauenrechts-Aktivistin probiert. "Das Team hinter dem Diskussions-Event in Wien mussten sich also etwas Anderes berlegen, um Emma Watsons Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen.

Sie haben angerufen, E-Mails verschickt, es ber Twitter versucht und sogar im "Hogwarts"-Stil via virtueller Eule. TEDx Donauinsel-Talk 2017 11.6.2017 Web:TEDx-Talks sind legendr. Kann dieses Einladungs-Video den Durchbruch bringen? Die Hoffnung: Der Clip soll in sozialen Netzwerken viral werden und so um die Gunst des Harry-Potter-Stars buhlen.


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