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Snider)"A rigli, rigli bad movie." (Bruce Newman)"[You] realise that having your skin flayed by a potato peeler would be less painful." (Jamie Russell)"I fought the urge to punch someone once it finally ended." (Jon Popick) "Aye, never be underestimatin' the effect of a bit o' gentle persuasion ('Blackhearted Cleo demand a Talk Like a Pirate Day update, else the crew of the Good Ship Digest be boardin' yer blog! ') on yer fellow sea dogs." (Talk Like a Pirate Day, Sept. The ceremony was televised live on Elbow Public Access this past Wednesday night, but nobody attended, so nevermind. Said cookies were supplied by The Lovely Emily, Vice Associate Editor of Snacks, but since no winners were present, the staff "accepted" the cookies for the winners.

We […]Do you want your toes to curl when you have an orgasm? Do you want all your neighbours to know when you hit the Big O? The reason might seem a bit mindboggling at first, but if you stop to consider it, why would anyone buy adult magazines in print when they can […]Last week we had the honor of introducing our dear readers to some of the best babes in the adult entertainment industry.

We don't know which one of us was more surprised to hear his name. ' and snapping his fingers together, and when Em won, Ro was all like, 'My dizzle!

' and then he started laughing and sprayed bub all out his nose." (Fametracker's Galaxy of Fame) Billy Bob Thornton on his split from Angelina Jolie: "I don't think either one of us know why we split up.

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