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Setting up a joint account with someone you aren't married to, on the other hand, can be a different story altogether.

When you're married, with or without a joint account, your money will be affected if something bad happens to your spouse.

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Introduction Same Sex Marriage Information Fee Requirements Application Procedure Required Types of Identification Certificate of Domestic Partnership Termination of Domestic Partnership Disclaimer for the List of Rights and Privileges Additional Rights and Privileges Other New York State Rights and Benefits Rights Not Extended to Registered Domestic Partners Introduction A Domestic Partnership is a legal relationship permitted under the laws of the State and City of New York for couples that have a close and committed personal relationship.

The Domestic Partnership Law recognizes the diversity of family configurations, including lesbian, gay, and other non-traditional couples.

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Top of Page Fee The fee to register a Domestic Partnership is by credit card or money order payable to the City Clerk.A 1964 story entitled quoted one expert as saying, "She doesn't keep track of the checks she writes. And before you know it, they're in a dither." Despite the bad headlines and the misgivings of some experts, having a joint checking or savings account with your spouse isn't really worth worrying about.(Yes, your spouse has the right to drain the account if they want to, but then you have bigger problems in your marriage to contend with).Top of Page Requirements You and your partner may register to become a Domestic Partnership if you meet the following requirements: Top of Page Disclaimer for the List of Rights and Privileges Certain other rights and privileges are afforded to you as domestic partners.The following is a summary of such rights and privileges, but the Office of the City Clerk makes no claims that the summary is exhaustive.”"I was notified of fraudulent attempt to open a cell phone service in my name without my knowledge. They have thwarted attempts at my personal information twice in the past month.


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