Updating biostar bios

We DO NOT recommend you to update BIOS while system is running.

If you fit into this category then it is recommended to use the method provided by them. You can also try your luck with the flashrom project (more on flashrom below).

Most motherboards' BIOS files have the BIN extension. utility will automatically detect and highlight the BIOS file (in this example, VIT0312B.

1 x Printer Header2 x USB 2.0 Header2 x SATA Connector2 x IDE Connector 1 x Floppy Connector1 x Front Audio Header1 x Front Panel Header1 x CD-IN Header1 x S/PDIF-Out Header1 x CPU Fan Header1 x System Fan Header Caution !!

- Socket AM2 - Supports AMD Athlon 64 X2/64/FX/Sempron Processors - Hyper Transport Technology up to 2G - Supports AMD Cool'n Quiet Technology - Supports BIO-Remote 2 Technology - Supports Charger Booster Technology Applying a new BIOS version can bring various fixes, add new features, or improve existing ones; however, this action is very risky and should be carefully carried out in a steady power environment (such as the one ensured by a UPS unit), and only when it is really needed.

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Flashing a BIOS typically serves the following functions: to fix specific bugs, to support newer hardware, or to fix a damaged BIOS.Therefore, if you intend to upgrade your BIOS, hit the download button, get and install the package, and run the utility to check if a newer version is available.Don’t forget to check with our website as often as possible to be up to date with the latest releases.Once the disk has been created, reboot the system and allow your newly created disk to load automatically and begin the flashing process.See your particular BIOS vendor's web site for these files and for more information on the commands you will to need to use to begin the flashing process.The 32GB bug in Award BIOS prevents many users from using HDD larger than 32GB as the BIOS hangs at detection.


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