Updating old fireplaces Married adult hidden cam

The clients had some general ideas of what they wanted to accomplish with the project, and Michelle created a plan to help them achieve their goals.

The major objectives were to expand the space, replace all of the finishes, and to update the corner fireplace.

Use a medium 120-grit sandpaper to lightly sand any loose pieces of mortar or crumbling brick on your fireplace.

Next, clean the bricks with a solution of vinegar mixed with warm water.

Regarding the fireplace, Michelle said, I am not a huge fan of corner fireplaces, but in this case, we decided to keep it; I designed the new fireplace surround with returns to the wall, and treated it with a drywall finish and paint to match the walls.

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Professional decorating ideas can help you give your red brick fireplace a face-lift you'll love.A dark, out-dated fireplace can be changed into a bright and inviting space with just a coat of paint.If you have an old brick fireplace that is begging for an update, look over these 12 fireplace renovation ideas and you just may find the idea that is perfect for your hearth and home.Immerse a stiff brush into the solution and lightly scrub your fireplace to clean the dirt and residue off of the bricks.Spritz with clear water to rinse and blot dry with a clean cloth.Sometimes a fireplace simply needs a thorough cleaning and a little maintenance to give it an updated, fresh look.


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