Valentines day ideas for a girl you just started dating

"If you've just started dating, a big gift can imply more depth to the relationship than is really there.It can also be awkward if the guy splurges on a big Valentine's gift, but the woman doesn't do the same."Men in married or long-term relationships can also take heart: your sweethearts, too, can be wowed by relatively inexpensive but thoughtful gestures, says author Robyn Spizman, author of "Make it Memorable" and "The Giftionary.""Woo her with a single rose, with a note attached that says, 'You're my one and only.' Or on Valentine's morning, cut self-stick notes into heart shapes, write something sweet, and leave them in key places: her bathroom mirror, the refrigerator or her car door."More than expensive gifts, women want their men to show them that they truly cherish them.Order cheeseburgers, Chinese food, pizza, or any other food you love. Get donuts from your favorite bakery or your go-to ice cream flavor from the grocery store.You'll spend the whole night pigging out and cuddling – basically a dream come true. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or go sledding.Whatever you do, don’t avoid talking about how you will spend the day simply because you are nervous about an awkward conversation.Ignoring Valentine’s Day when you are newly dating may seem like an easy out, but it is also a recipe for disappointment and unmet expectations.If the person you're asking to make plans with says they don't want to hang out on Valentine's Day and shuts down plans entirely (as opposed to just explaining that they are busy, which happens), it could be a peek into what your relationship would look like if you were to pursue it on a deeper level."If you're looking to build an equal partnership — which is healthy, as opposed to having one partner in control — then that shift [from wanting to have plans to not] could be a big deal," she says.

Here are three tips for celebrating when you are newly dating.

Show that you've been thinking of her by buying her favorite romantic movie online (again, it's OK to ask her for movie suggestions without revealing your entire plan).

Check for movie deals at sites like Deep Discount DVD or compare prices at comparison sites like My Simon or Google Product Search.

It's not a dozen long-stemmed red roses and a pricey box of chocolates that women get all misty-eyed over when mid-February rolls around each year.

True, retailers love to push these traditional heart-day gifts, but most women would be far more impressed by a simpler -- and often less-expensive -- gift that somehow touches her heart.


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